Monday, 22 December 2014

Can't Sell, Won't Sell by Sean and Daniel Campbell

4 out of 5 stars

Non fiction, Book marketing

Originally posted on Amazon HERE on 4 June 2012

I couldn't give this book 5 stars because I think it's missed a couple of vital points. The rest, however, is excellent. I'll start with the 'bad' (which isn't very bad) first to get it out of the way!

I realise that it's not a 'how to write a book' guide, but the first chapter does rather give the impression that if you follow these instructions, you can do it too. I think the first chapter should have been 'Make sure you can write'. Writing is a talent; I know you can hone your craft and learn, but you can either write or you can't, and if you can't, all the 'how to build suspense' articles in the world won't enable you to do so. I get that some people will disagree with this, however.

It's also very important that you can write, full stop. If you can't punctuate, don't know about parts of speech, don't realise when a sentence is clumsy or grammatically incorrect, then you need to learn how to do that before you start writing a novel.

The other thing is that is not stressed is the TIME all the marketing takes. You have to be prepared to put many, many hours in. If you're not, your book can sink without trace. When I do a free promotion, for instance, I don't leave the laptop except to go to the loo and sleep! And you need to do a LOT of preparation for it.

NOW THE GOOD! Which is the rest of the book! It's easy to read, concise, informative, easily the best of its type on the market. It's very well thought out, very well researched, clever, interesting. I really enjoyed reading it, not least because it told me some stuff I didn't know! I would advise anyone who has just written a book and is about to put it on the market to READ THIS IMMEDIATELY! Well done, chaps - oh, and I'll reiterate what the reviewer before me said, about how helpful Sean and Daniel are to the rest of the indie author community, too.

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